04 September 2012

The Department of Nipples

Do you remember when you first learned your nipples are an erogenous zone? Did you discover this by accident when you played with your own tits, or did you learn this when another bloke started to adjust your dials? Did you first think "that hurts" or "this is weird" before you realized it turned you on and made your cock hard?

These photos are all from a great blog called "Nipple Pigs" which features erotic photos of males and their nipple play. Pinching your tits while you look at them might make the experience all the more stimulating.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    I'm the world's biggest sucker (LITERALLY!!! - LOL) for hot, filthy and hard nipple action!!!!!!!

  2. I assume you are into nipple play? Share your interesting story!

  3. I noticed early on as a teenager, that whenever I jacked off, my nipples suddenly got hard also from their usual soft condition. Also I noticed a "zing" sensation in my nipples at the moment of orgasm!

  4. Anonymous15:11

    Damn, who's the hot daddy in picture 4?!

  5. Steve16:21

    A woman's nipples are for nursing her babies (mainly). God gave men nipples to make us feel even more fantastic than we could from just being touched below the belt. Very strange how there's this sort of hard-wired connection between my nips and my cock.

  6. Anonymous00:47

    there's not enough nipple action going on on the web, any suggestions anyone?

  7. Anonymous16:36

    Yea, who's the hot daddy AND the boy in picture #4?

  8. You can find more gay nippleplay at Nipple Pigs

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