12 September 2010

Real Men Wear Kilts

And if they wear them correctly, they wear nothing underneath.

I'm afraid I couldn't wear a kilt for fear of an inadvertent woody. Knowing my junk was banging around down their without any restraint would make me think about my cock, and then just thinking about my dick would make me get hard. The sensation of the wool fabric rubbing on my glans would also get be hot and bothered.

My mind would start to wander to wondering what my boyfriend would look like in a kilt, what it would be like to give or receive a blowjob wearing a kilt, and then pretty soon I'd be poking out like a flagpole. That's why I need to wear jeans, to keep my friend under control in public. Just thinking about wearing a kilt and getting a boner is giving me a boner.


  1. You'd get used to it. ;)


  2. Anonymous10:17

    This appears to be the genuine article. The driver in the photo has the steering wheel on the right side and has his Sporren on his lap. Unless there is a second photo indicating some replacement of their hands, the photo seems to be merely a couple of Scotsmen getting into a car. Straight? Hot! - Montana Cowboy

  3. that is why I have one. Love it.

  4. Anonymous12:05

    I just went to a Scottish festival yesterday. Men in kilts are hot--especially when they strut up to a urinal, lift their kilt up to their chests, and piss away. Who needs underwear getting in the way?
    More kilt pics please.

  5. Anonymous12:15

    Can anyone recommend a good "kilt" movie--maybe something with two studly shepherd dudes flocking around in the hills of Scotland (or at least a sound stage made to look like the hills of Scotland)?

  6. I love wearing my kilt. Mind you it is a hell of a lot of fabric, 21 yards. I wore it to a wedding in July and whew it was warm! The sporran actually helps to keep your junk down if you do get a woody, which can happen! Most masculine piece of clothing going, it is brilliant, you feel like a stud when you are wearing one. Try it!

  7. I also addressed kilts in my blog: http://uncutplus.blogspot.com/search/label/Kilts.
    I also have a poll running about kilts:
    In the UK, I wear a kilt . . .
    with underwear. 38 (17%)
    without underwear. 182 (82%)
    Votes so far: 220
    Days left to vote: 109


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