22 September 2010

Rough Cowboys

Home on the range, where the cowboys aren't afraid to get rough and nasty. The "victim" has an erection throughout his ordeal as well as a rousing orgasm, hence the reason his "attackers" have no qualms about giving him a good hard ride.

Be forewarned this video is not for the faint of heart, so don't click "play" if you like your porn more in the mainstream. It is consensual, of course, but it is also violent.


  1. Anonymous08:13

    I know this movie is all about fantasy but the head to toe tats? I am sure that was very common in the 1880s. LOL

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Wonder what the ink will look like when he is in his 80's.... bet it won't be pretty. he must have an erection while his dick was being inked.. I would think for it to be perfect

  3. Anonymous11:16

    This is my favorite blog but that video is repulsive.

  4. Dude chill out it's porn, it's about fantasy! I don't think its repulsive at all. We all know its not real. Lots of guyz have fantasies about popping a straight dude's cherry the rough way like that (including me he he). Some guyz beg to be treated like shit then scream when you do it. Thats waht they want.

  5. Anonymous14:56

    Whats the name of this movie?

  6. martja15:15

    including me as well...and that "all time" erection just shows he really enjoyed.

  7. Anonymous15:18

    Very sexy indeed = ;o)

  8. Anonymous16:37

    Wow! I hate violence but this is so clearly a fantasy that it's WAY HOT! Pretty good acting, especially from that bottom guy. There were a few spots where I think he was laughing and trying to cover it up with screams. Thanks for posting!

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  10. Anonymous18:53

    When I was young closetted virgin, it was a fantasy of mine to be "taken" by another man. This way, I could plead innocent to what I really desired. I could get what I wanted without any guilt. Sick? Anyway, it never happened that way and I matured passed of that fantasy.
    Just thought I would share--

  11. sadly is's a condom clip; if it wasn't for mr Krieger, aka LoganMcCree and his gorgeously decorated body I'would have switched off

  12. Anonymous23:46

    @ad schuring THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for knowing what the hell the guys name was it looks good but it stopped at like 1 min in and wont play on x videos, so i looked up the guys name and found out the movie, its called to the last man by raging stallion! THANKS SO MUCH!!

  13. fuck man - it looks HOT. But it stops about 1:45 into the clip. What's the movie title, I might have to get it.

  14. Anonymous13:56

    At 1:46 the video stops. Same thing happens when you download it.


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