05 September 2010


These are from a 1980s porn magazine called Centurian that only published two issues. (Yes, I know it's spelled oddly.) I imagine they're stills from a porn flick, but I have no idea the title. Hopefully someone here will.

I've seen the big bloke before but I can't place his name, so if you know that, please shout out in the comments. I was a careless consumer of porn for too long and never paid much attention to names, but thanks to helpful readers here, I've learned a lot.

My boyfriend particularly likes this magazine. He was seduced when he was young by an older man who looked something like this. It was a memorable day for him and a recollection I never tire of hearing him repeat.

These are full-page scans of the magazine so they're much larger than appear here. Be sure to click them to see the original size.


  1. Can not tell you who he is/was. Sorry. But I can tell you I did see this set once when I was younger as well. I feel in love with Daddy.

  2. Anonymous09:12

    His name was BARRY. And, in the mid 1970's, his dick was always wet - right out of the box. Trust me. I will send you a link Will to your personal e-mail of him in action. - Montana Cowboy

  3. That is Barry Hoffman, one of my faves from back in the day :)

  4. Anonymous11:21

    He also goes by the name of Barry Macht.


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