21 September 2010

Vintage Cocksuckers

Amongst straight men, "cocksucker" is a derogatory word. The idea of putting another bloke's dick in your mouth horrifies them.

Amongst gay and bi men, however, there's nothing wrong with a cocksucker. He's a great guy, your buddy, your helper, and often your lover. The more cocksuckers the better. I once saw a license plate frame in San Francisco that said "I brake for cocksuckers."

Featured below are stills from various 1970s and 80s porn rags showing happy cocksuckers and their appreciative recipients. As always, pictures are much larger than they appear here on the front page, so click each one to see the action in detail. If you'd like a free download of a collection featuring complete scans from twelve different vintage stroke mags, where all these images originated, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous15:43

    Depending on the age of these blokes at the time, these gents could be close to 70 by now. I wonder if they are still sucking cock today.


    1. Anonymous01:23

      I'm not 'one of these blokes' but I'm a 90 yo cocksucker! Trouble is, most guys are frightened off by the age, so it's hard to find cocks to suck!!!

    2. That's so sad! If you were in UK you could suck mine for sure, I'm not a fan of ageists! X

  2. Anonymous02:51

    Few things in life are as pleasurable as a stiff cock in your mouth and the liquid reward that comes from a job well done!


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