13 September 2010

The Shop Teacher

We did not have any hot shop teachers like this when I was a lad in school. They were all old fossilized toads. They paddled the blokes who acted up on the shop floor, as did the gym teachers, although my cheeks were never reddened. Not that I was good by any measure; I just made sure I never got caught at anything paddle worthy.

These are massive pictures, so be sure to click on each one to see them full-sized. They're large enough to use as screen-savers. If you'd like to download a free copy of a thirty-minute movie featuring these two blokes sucking and fucking in the woodshop, be sure to click here.


  1. My shop teacher was 190 years old. My gym teacher, however, looked like this guy.

  2. Anonymous10:42

    Looks like Junior is getting an "F" in shop.


  3. Anonymous13:05

    I would love to see the free movie but I'm always afraid to download anything from sites I don't know or pay to download from (like seancody.com) any chance you would add the movie to your site?

  4. Anon, that file is safe. I personally know the bloke who uploaded it there. I've downloaded it and checked it. I would never post a link on my blog that I had not personally checked and verified.

  5. Anonymous19:23

    I'm ready for class!

  6. Anonymous21:59

    Hot guys--hot bodies, dicks--hot. Thank you for giving us this link. But please--can't we have a little serious sucking / deepthroating? If I'm licking a guys ass--I've got some gusto goin' on! I guess I'll have to imagine them be HUNGRY for dick... Because of this, the photos may be the hottest item here.

  7. Anonymous08:55

    man oh man,this brought back some amazing memories. whew! thanks Will!

  8. that's one beautiful boy there.

  9. Anonymous19:46

    this movie is not available on megaupload anymore (obviously).. does anyone know the name or the studio?

  10. Anonymous01:08

    found it.. bareback beginners 20


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