01 September 2010

Sail Away

I featured Kyle Hazard the other day, and today he's back on the high seas. His partner here is Tim Kramer; this was the first time he got fucked on screen.


  1. Anonymous07:44

    Watch and learn, gents. (1:40) Nothing beats the classic opening line, "How you doing? --- Pretty good." No names, no small talk, no bull. Just, "How you doing?" and then you get to it. Timeless.


  2. Anonymous16:07

    This timeless video reminds me that in the old days, there where no tops, no bottoms, no subs., no doms. Everybody was equally versatile. Everybody took it, gave it, sucked it, and fucked it. All men were created equal.


  3. Love the old porn. Very nice and very sexy. Love how he work on those balls whie the other guy is cumming.


  4. Anonymous22:19

    i've got to agree with both of Leo's comments. sure, the sound track was hoaky, but the video was oh so hot. it took a very long time before i offered up my butt to a man. thank god he was the perfect "top" for me or i might never have done it again. may i ask Will what ur first experience was like being fucked?


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