04 September 2010

Mucho Macho Nacho

Nacho Vidal is a major pornstar in the straight world. He's very well endowed, gay friendly, and reportedly an extremely nice guy. If you've seen him in action, he's incredibly energetic and totally loves what he does.

Some of his "almost gay" straight videos are legendary, like when he caresses and hugs another male from behind while both of them shag the same girl in double-penetration. It ends up looking like he's butt-fucking his buddy and not the girl. I've heard that he escorts with men but has never done male-male on screen (although, curiously, he does screw transvestites in porn). He has also directed some gay porn in which he does solo masturbation scenes, including the one in which this clip appears.

Be forewarned you can hear a female voice during this clip but she remains offstage until the very final seconds. She simply appears naked and takes the dildo out of his hand. There is no male/female sexual contact. This was made specifically for a gay male audience.


  1. Anonymous07:35

    I like how Nacho enjoys stroking himself so much that at 9:20 he starts thumping his leg on the bed.
    I also admire how he can shave the hair off his juck, which makes it more sensitive, yet he still strokes himself a full 10 minutes before he cums. I would have lasted 20 seconds.
    I also realize that I watch so much gay porn, that I forgot what women look like. The girl looked odd to me without a penis.

  2. Anonymous08:53

    Impressive dick. However there's this 'thing' I can't seem to separate from his persona. I've a straight film of his from around 2000 or so. In it he shoots his load inside the girl and it drips out to the floor as she stands up. He comments to her in a joking manner that the puddle of cum can't get her pregnant because 'there's no swimmers in there'. Vasectomy? I know the fact there's no swimmers in there is immaterial to gay guys, but I want those swimmers from a straight guy, otherwise it's merely....junk. -Montana Cowboy

    1. I'm pretty sure he was still fully fertile when he shot this video. Unfortunately Nacho has recently admitted to having had a vasectomy, but he only had it 5 or so years ago, probably around the time this video was posted in 2010. He couldn't have had his younger sons otherwise. The load he's shooting at the end of this video could most likely still had gotten any girl in the world pregnant, probably even more than one at the same time and with more than one baby each, his sperm count before he decided (alas) to take the snip must've been off the charts

  3. Anonymous12:57

    This video inspired me, gents. I just shaved my junk. And just like I predicted above--20 seconds later, I had more than Barbasol in my hand. I don't feel too bad about only lasting 1/30th the time that it took Nacho to cum. After all, my cock is only 1/30th the size. So that about makes us even.


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