16 May 2014

The Thicket

I know some of you lads will run for the hills when you see this bloke's pubes, but there are those of us who think this is very tempting. No scissors or trimmers go anywhere near him, and that's perfectly okay with me.

I don't know anything about this man, and Google's image search turns up nothing. It could be an amateur shot, given the rather uninteresting setting. Checking the exif information on the digital photo, I see that it was shot on April 9, 2004, and revised on May 6, 2006, but that's it.

He's a bit older but rugged and totally ripped. Age is an unknown concept to him. If you know anything about this bloke, please post details in the comments section. The original photo is much larger in size, so click here to see and save.


  1. Fuckin Woof Dayum! He is a hot one with the bush and hairy legs!

  2. I've always loved sexy Daddies! But isn't it odd that while going au naturel down below, he obviously shaves or waxes his chest. My personal preference would be for the other way around! ;-)

  3. Anonymous08:54

    I think that he is hot as hell! Love the pubes and hairy legs - looks like a real masculine man as opposed to a shaved twink!

  4. Anonymous11:40

    Your narrative indicates he's now 10 years older. Even so, he'd still be welcome in my bed.
    It bears noting that trimming and shaving were not as popular as they are today. I hope he didn't get caught up in the frenzy.

  5. His name is Marcus and performed in videos as Marcus Aurelius. He was in his sixties when the picture was taken. He had a blog with nothing but naked pictures of himself - hundreds of them.

  6. Anonymous05:32

    Where is the blog?

  7. Anonymous08:23

    I did a search in UK and found more pics and a movie of him with someone called Cane, which was downloadable from a website called Pornhub. If you know how I can get it to you, you would be welcome to it.
    I rate your site as the best, first port of call when I am cruising on line.
    Mike, London, UK

    1. Mike, you can send it to me at willleveque at gmail dot com. That's three Ls, not two.

    2. And thanks for the compliment!


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