05 May 2014

Jason's Big Hammer

I watch little television, so I often miss the network and cable eyecandy. Nonetheless, I happened on a program recently with Jason Cameron, seen below. He's the host of a lifestyle program on cable.

He started as an actor but landed little work of merit, then transitioned into fitness modeling, where he was more successful. From there, he segued into home improvement programming, where he has made a household name for himself.

He's 45 and, unfortunately, straight and married. I found some pictures of him when he was in his twenties, and he was pretty forgettable. As a fortysomething stud, he's an entirely different story. He's living proof that men in their forties and fifties often look their best, as long as they stay in shape.

If you'd like to access and download a free folder with sixteen larger photos of Jason, including all the ones below, please click here.


  1. Anonymous07:10

    Oh I agree totally, Jason is Hot at 45. I'd love to go visit him in his man cave, #2, and hopefully wishing we would have a few beers and he would let his guard down, and let me suck a "nut" out of him. You know just man to man:) What happens in a man cave stays in a man cave!!

  2. Welcome to the club! I have been in love (more precisely lust) with Jason Cameron for a decade now. Since the first time I saw him on "While You Were Out" in 2004 I was hooked. His best current show is "Desperate Landscapes" which is filmed in spring and summer and features lots of footage of him sweating in the sun with arms bulging. Makes me want to tear up my front yard just to be on his show!

    1. I'm like you
      Been drooling over him for Years
      But he is so full of testosterone
      He would probably explode if TinkerBell tapped him on the shoulder
      Wish I personally prove this theory LOL!


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