12 May 2014

Call Him Ismael

Someone asked in comments to this post last week who the stunner is with the green ballcap. He's Ismael Duin, a scorching hot model from Texas. He's exactly my height -- 5'6".

In the penultimate photo, if you look closely, you'll see he appears to be cut. But if you turn the brightness way up on the last photo, he looks like he's uncut. I think that's good enough reason for him to do a full frontal nude shot to solve this riddle.

All of the photos below are much larger than they appear here. You may access a free folder with full-size photos here, which includes some photos of him not seen below.


  1. Anonymous09:38

    You could just ask him if he's uncut. However, I'm thinking you'd want to see for yourself.
    BTW: Since you raised the issue, your pic makes you appear over 6' tall.

  2. Josh10:39

    I'd vote cut, because he has Hebrew tattoos, probably making him Jewish.

  3. I'm loving his chest...I could spend hours on those nipples

  4. Thanks for the ID!!! Now I know the name of my future husband.

  5. Anonymous21:37

    He models for Bayou Beau, out of Houston.
    (It's really great underwear... actually has room for a man's cock & balls.)

  6. Moving to Texas...........................................
    Does he have brothers? Cousins? Uncles????

  7. Anonymous09:05

    And he has his own tumblr: http://ismaellince.tumblr.com/.

  8. Gorgeous! And a body that won,t quit!
    Do you really care if he is cut or uncut?
    I want to know if he plays for our team and is he available?


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