07 May 2014

Cameron Times Two

Two different readers located more Cameron videos online. First up is a solo with the strapping lad yanking on his big fat cock. That's followed by a boisterous scene featuring a randy bottom who ends up in a standing fuck with the larger man.

A third reader has informed me that he, too, has found more Cameron videos on the Xvideos site. As soon as he provides the links, I'll put those up. This may seem like a bit of an overkill on Cameron, but with links disappearing quickly, it may be now or never. He's not exactly painful to look at, though.

Remember, you can always download the videos themselves from the Xvideos site and watch them on your computer later. Just click the "Download" toggle at the lower right corned of each video screen on the source pages themselves, which you can access here and here.

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  1. Anonymous03:32

    This is one of his best - it with Daniel who is younger than his gray hair leads you to believe. Daniel is very vocal and says the hottest things, things you may have never heard. He is also an amazing top. CAMERON



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