26 May 2014

Blue Underpants

Sometimes I think I missed my calling in life. I wonder if I would have made a good pornographer. I have the technical skills to make flesh films. I think I could also be a good porn director to set up and guide a scene while it's made so that it would be intensely erotic.

It wouldn't be just about fucking on film. It would be about striving for the hottest scene between the two (or more) lads being filmed.

And I think the casting would be the most fun. I'd be on the lookout for fresh new faces with hot bodies to put on screen. But they'd need to be screen tested first. I wouldn't use other actors for that. I'd take care of that part of the business myself. I think if you're trying to get into porn, you can't be too picking about being fucked on a few casting couches.

I suspect some porn producers really do that because they sell their filmed seduction scenes. I'd sure like to be the producer who first took Trenton here for a whirl. Not so fast, son -- let my cock slide out of your mouth much slower and look up at the camera as you do it. Open your eyes wider and look at the camera as you guide your tongue over the tip of my cock just as it springs free from your lips. Don't be afraid to drool on the carpet. And be sure not to flinch and close your eyes when I pump cum all over your face.

As usual, these pictures are larger than they appear below, so you can see and save the originals in the free folder here.


  1. your blog is different from the run of the mill porn ones
    because you are a talented writer.Yes,more than a filmmaker you shluld try writing stories essaya Congrats

  2. Want to massage him or playfight! Ow!


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