02 May 2014

Sheer Delights

Several websites are popular with professional and aspiring models because they can post their portfolios online to interact with potential clients. They list their experience, stats, and the type of working they're seeking.

Most of the models, both male and female, will specify "no nudes." But in a good number of the male listings that say "no nudes," they nonetheless post shots much like the ones seen below where most of their cocks are visible. True, not the entire organ is visible, but nothing is left to the imagination, particularly when a good bit of their cock is visible.

Many also include full-on bareass shots. I guess showing your entire backside without the benefit of any clothes somehow does not qualify as "nude."

But I'm not complaining. Yes, I'd like to see them entirely nude, but nearly nude will do. If you'd like to access a free folder with larger photos with all these blokes, plus a few more bonus shots, be sure to click here.

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  1. Anonymous08:49

    I want the one in the Calvin Klein underwear to rape me.


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