15 May 2014


I think the word "redneck" is less of an insult than it once was. In fact, many people now call themselves redneck as a matter of pride.

Not to be unkind, but some rednecks are very hard on the eyes because of their lifestyle choices. If someone thinks transfat is a good group, chances are he'll resemble the Goodyear blimp in jeans.

Conversely, some lads in redneck country are scorching hot. The hottest ones tend to be straight, I believe, because the hot gay rednecks tend to migrate to more tolerant areas.

Here are eight hot rednecks I've harvested here and there on the Internet. I think most, if not all, of these are amateur shots. Some are quite large, particularly the square ones, so click here to access a free folder where all are stored in their original size.


  1. Anonymous07:36

    I'm wondering it that guy in the last pic is going to ride the horse bareback.

  2. Anonymous15:47

    F--k ya, all these rednecks are Hot.. but the hottest is #2, I like to get him over my place, tell him he has really nice "guns" (most straights, eat that up). Next get a few beers in him, hopefully he's so horny, that he let a "cockpig" like me have the honors of taking a nut from him,

    Very hot posting today, Thanks

  3. Jeep jeep jeep
    Unzip those jeans and let's do some business!! :-)

  4. Anonymous23:15

    fyi, the guy on the yellow jeep is gary taylor. fitness model.

  5. Anonymous08:26

    One of your best sets! Reminds me of the guys I used to meet when I was a regular visitor to US in the eighties. I was never disappointed!
    Mike, London, UK


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