13 May 2014

Baseball Season

Being born and partly raised in Britain, I must confess I know very little about American baseball. This I do know: many of the players are scorching hot and the style of pants they were emphasizes their bulging crotches.

I know professional baseball season has started again because I see bits about it in the news. In past decades, players were sometimes subject to curfews during playing season to keep them from getting drunk and chasing women.

So the lads were stuck in a strange town with little to do except what we see Jake Dakota demonstrating below. A few of them, I imagine, ventured into more adventuresome pleasures with each other.

Jake is not fashion model hot but he's ruggedly masculine and would be a fun roommate if you were a ball player, in part because on screen he's a voracious bottom. After a night or two with Jake, you'd soon realize you don't need any of those pesky creatures known as "women."

These photos are very large and part of a set of sixteen, which you can access and download in a free folder here.


  1. Anonymous08:02

    Don't let the cup fool you.
    Clearly, this guy donned the uniform without one.

  2. Anonymous23:23

    I think this guy is really, really, really hot.


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