29 May 2014

International Masturbation Month

Have you been celebrating International Masturbation Month? A reader shared a set of three dozen photos featuring lads observing the event.

I was not aware of these festivities, but I think it's a great idea. Perhaps there could be a big climax at the end of the month where people could come together in one place to celebrate. I think I'll stop perfect strangers on the street, as long as they're hot-looking studs, and invite them over to celebrate with my boyfriend and me.

I like the through-the-leg-opening technique demonstrated by the third bloke. If you'd like to download a free folder with all three dozen celebrating lads, to get things started on your own, be sure to click right here.


  1. I celebrate all the time as I'm on Bate World and have a tantric practice. I sure hope you and yours do this more often with a third or four men. Bating together is fun!

  2. Someone needs to tell the dude in the third picture- if he doesn't have time to pull his pants down, then he doesn't have time to masterbate

  3. " Rains over the horizon every time you do not come
    not worth it if you love so far is when we are close we are well.."

  4. Great pics! Major turn on for me to see other masculine guys driven to the need to jerk it off..and enjoying it deeply...solo or with buddies

  5. Tobias Manchester18:22

    You would think guys that hot could find someone to do that for them. I'd be the first to volunteer.


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