02 December 2014

Mr. Gloves

If you saw just the first photo, you might think this was Photoshopped, because that's arguably the most common pose seen in altered photos. He just seems too unrealistically big. But the second photo proves these are untouched and that he was blessed many times over by the genetic gods.

The gloves are a nice addition. If you've ever been given a handjob by a lad wearing cloth or leather gloves, or given yourself one, then you know it can be an extremely pleasurable experience.

I don't know anything more about him, so if you do, or have a name for him, please leave a comment. The larger originals of these photos are archived here.


  1. Amazing body & wonderful cock! Super yummy! He can do me anytime!!

  2. Anonymous17:25

    I, for one, definitely wanna know WHO this guy is and if any vids of him out there? Where did these pics come from ?

  3. Anonymous18:27

    Holy Fuck!

  4. Anonymous09:48

    Brazilian Porn Actor - Rafael Torloni

  5. Anonymous17:47

    You're right,this guy is amazing!
    His name is Rafael and he's doing escorting in Barcelona.
    you can look at his pics on Gayromeo.com ,in Spain,city of Barcelona.

  6. Anonymous07:54

    Quisiera ser esos guantes.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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