19 December 2014

The Job Interview

So you've made the cut, you've done all the interviews at the lower levels. You know it's down to just you and one other lad. The last step in the process is an interview with the big boss. He's the one who says thumbs up or thumbs down to hiring you.

Your interview with Mr. Big is going great. You have a terrific rapport. He really seems to want to hire you. The way he talks about the work, it sounds like your dream job. And as a nice bonus, he's a really hot looking, well built bloke.

Near the end of your interview, he says "there's just one more thing we have to do." He then stands up, drops his pants, and opens his shirt, revealing his sizeable hard cock thrusting out at you. "Get over here, boy, and get to work," he commands.

You know if you don't put out, it's no job for you. But are you willing to work in a job where the boss makes you his personal fucktoy, where laws about sexual harrassment are blatantly ignored?

So what do you do?

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