23 December 2014

The Geeky Professor

This bloke looks amazingly like a professor I had in college, whose name is long forgotten. I had him for the one science class I took, which was mandatory for all non-science students. Were it not for the wrong age, I'd think it was the same person.

He was a geeky mumbler who never looked up at his class and spent most of his time lecturing to the floor in front of his podium. He wore baggy, shapeless clothes that seemed too large and like they had come from a Goodwill bin. I always thought he was overweight.

And then I saw him one day in the gym as he was returning to the locker room after his workout. He was wearing snug shorts and a tanktop. He had a great body with massive muscular arms and shoulders like a circus strongman. I passed him on the way out of the locker room so there was no way I could turn around and dawdle for a chance to see him naked.

No identity for Mr. Geek below nor could I find any other pictures. Everything from the neck down is magnificent. Google image search turns up nothing. If you know anything, please leave a comment.

Right click the photo to see a slightly larger version. Hopefully Santa will steal his razor and throw it away when he slides down his chimney tomorrow tonight.

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