30 December 2014

Beefy Buddies

The Sean Cody website tends to feature college-age lads who are often on the slimmer, twinky side. On occasion, they have some really nice exceptions -- beefier fellows with some age on them. This pair, particularly the slightly shorter one with the buzzcut, are two such examples. (Nice shorts tenting on the other one, by the way, in the first photo.)

Unfortunately, I checked the video that was shot simultaneously to these, and neither bloke sucks the other. Lads, you are cheating yourself by not dropping into a sloppy sixty-nine before stuffing the snake in the tunnel. Sucking is the best prelude to fucking.

There are eighteen large photos in the original set, including many horizontal ones which don't display well with this blog format. To download the entire batch for free, you'll want to click here (online archive here).

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