22 December 2014

Fly the Friendly Skies

Darius Ferdynand used to look twinkish because he had a slim build and a boyish face. Now he's beefed up considerably more and is a bit older. I think he looks a lot hotter and more tempting now, thanks in part to his magnificent ass and thick uncut cock.

He's originally from Hungary and stands 5'6, which is exactly my height. He is, as some of you lads say, "a pocket stud." He's also versatile, which makes him a lot more alluring to me.

The originals for the photos are massive and total 140 in several sets, some with Darius alone and some with him flipflopping another bloke named Alex. To download the entire batch for free, please click here.


  1. Anonymous08:10

    Espero que siga poniendo cada dia mas fabuloso.Amigo venezolano,Cucutta

  2. Anonymous07:59

    He's the complete package in my eyes, that face, those rippling muscles, the magnificent butt, the meaty dick and tantalising nuts...oh my I need a lie down...if only he could join me!

  3. Anonymous16:25

    Bro sure like to book a fly with you and knock the wind out of you and junior

  4. kyjockey03:00

    Go West Young Man!
    Darius can fly me into the sunset any afternoon.
    I am just so proud he has the guts to show off all his glory! His personality is incredible, and photo of the emergency landing position: his head between his legs---his eyes, full cock and balls, and his pretty pink pucker winking! OMG, he is all man! Thanks Darius.


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