12 December 2014

The Louisville Slugger

One way I check to see if a picture has been Photoshopped is to run it through several different webpages that analyze photos. I next search for all versions of the photo online to see if I can find any where the individual has a more "normal" size cock.

I ran both tests on this one and he came back okay. The camera angle could be giving him a bit of an advantage, but he still has quite a bit to start. I wonder if he's a "grow-er" and that thing gets any bigger when he's hard.

Right click the photo to see the larger original size.


  1. Must have a wife considering the toilet cover....what a waste.

  2. I think some personal fact finding is in order
    Will get back to with the results

  3. Anonymous11:17

    Lordy...it's gonna take a big glass of water to get that thing down!

  4. Anonymous17:43

    What a cock! Very sexual! It surely penetrates good,deep, deeper, deepest!

  5. what I would do to have that love muscle slide down my throat, so yummy


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