18 December 2013

Antonio Triple Feature

Given the popularity of the Antonio video that appeared here recently, I hunted around on Xvideos and found some more recent ones featuring him and his scud missile-size cock. In the first one, you'll see some vigorous piston fucking, which is something of an Antonio trademark.

In the second one, the lads start with some dry humping, which is always a favorite for me. I think it can be really erotic if it's not done in a campy way. That goes for real life, too. You see a hot guy -- start dry humping him. It might lead to a friendship, or a night in the hospital.

In the third one, he finds a well hung friend to help out with some DP. I have to think that lad was hurting a bit the next day, but he sure looked like he was getting what he wanted.

I learned recently that Antonio has a son. So is he straight or bi? He sure seems to like eating blokes' asses if he's straight. If you'd rather watch these on the video site, click here, here, and here for direct links to the pages. The first two might not last long because they're recent posts, but the final one should last because the lower URL number reveals it's been on the Xvideos page for a while.


  1. Anonymous07:14

    What a superb cock. It's great to see such merciless shafting. Great material for to-nights wee wankfest.

  2. regular guy12:22

    Oh to be hung like that...


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