19 December 2013

We Have Your Boyfriend

We haven't hurt him, but if you don't put $5 million in used bills in a pillowcase and leave it in locker 231 at Grand Central Station by noon tomorrow, we're gonna take him down to the truck stop for a gangbang. He insists he's a virgin, but if you don't turn over the money, he won't be for much longer.

I promise I'm not turning this into a bondage blog, but he was just too good to pass over. I don't know about that duct tape over his mouth, though. That could really hurt pulling it off that pretty face. I'd use masking tape instead, the better to yank off before stuffing my hard meat in his puss.


  1. He is just too good

  2. Anonymous07:42

    Don't pay the ransom - perhaps they'll send pics of the gangbang too. Also he might not take kindly to being rescued!

  3. Anonymous17:34

    Hot body. But the first thing I'd do after tying him up is cut off all that girl hair.

    1. Anonymous10:19

      ...and ditch the earings, too.

  4. Anonymous03:05

    Sorry, but I don't have $5 million. Do whatever you want with him, and show us!


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