22 December 2013


I had a bit of free time yesterday so I hunted around on Xvideos to see what had been posted lately. I found this one with the legendary Dino Dimarco.

He is the epitome of masculinity, the sort of bloke who long ago helped me realize you could be both manly and want to fuck men.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, please click here.

please click here.


  1. Anonymous06:25

    Fine ! Rock hard now.

  2. Anonymous07:05

    What a romantic sexy clip - got that thrill in my solar plexus followed by a tingling in my groin just watching the initial kissing. What a couple of honeys! Love Dino's face when he's giving that lucky lucky lad that epic fuck (around 7.40). I'm now going to watch it again - I really will have to take myself in hand.....

  3. Anonymous11:18

    Ah, the final scene of "Night Walk" a video fantasy costarring Chad Connors before he roided out. The movie is basically a giant dream sequence, where Connors falls asleep and is lead through sex scene after scene, (plus one musical number) being educated on (fairly mild) kinks until finally he submits to the "lord of the night."

  4. Anonymous14:27

    I am SOOOO HARRRRD! My cock is so fucking hard right now.


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