27 December 2013

Suburban Dad

This is Scott Styles, who was featured here at the blog more than four years ago in a different shoot. He was a straight pornstar who also did some solo jerkoff vids and photo spreads for his male fans. According to the Internet Adult Film Database, he retired in 2011.

I've always liked his look -- he could be that hot suburban dad you spot at Home Depot. The fact that he usually didn't shave his body hair when he worked in porn was a definite plus for me. His beautiful pelt should not be spoiled by a razor.

These are larger images and part of a sixteen-image set that you can admire and download free here. If you'd like to see him in action fucking chicks, I found two of his videos here and here. Warning: pussy and tits are in full view on both clips.


  1. Anonymous13:29

    I think THESE images of Scott Styles are hot, too. However, I watched the two videos to which you provided links and in both of the videos, Scott sports a stupid mullet hairdo; what was he thinking? Of course, for those of us of the male same-sex persuasion, hetero porn is unsatisfying (for this and other reasons) because the male half of the coupling is of little importance except for the dick--the guy's overall appearance just doesn't much matter since we're mostly getting crotch shots.

  2. Anonymous22:32

    Why could I never have a dad like that in my neighborhood?


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