26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day

If you were born in the UK like I was or if you're from the several commonwealth countries that celebrate it, you know today is Boxing Day. Contrary to urban myth, the holiday has nothing to do with the sport of boxing or putting your Christmas boxes away or returning presents to shops.

The holiday was so named when wealthy people gave their servants and tradesmen their "Christmas box," a gift-filled box in return for working on Christmas Day. Think in terms of Downton Abbey, where the landed gentry lolled away opening gifts and entertaining whilst servants waited on them. In compensation, the servants were given the day after Christmas off and sent on their way with their Christmas box.

More recently, it is often the day when people return their unwanted or ill-fitting gifts to shops. But remember, before you rush back with those socks that didn't quite fit, there is one other use for them, as the lads here demonstrate quite well. If you need to make a closer examination, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous12:21

    Oh yeah, I'll take that kind of stocking stuffer anyday.

    "Happy Boxing Day" indeed:)

  2. Anonymous07:43

    Who's the guy on the right? He's about as perfect as a man can get!!!


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