05 December 2013

Alec Returns

Alec was seen here earlier in the week. He just really rings my chimes, so I had to feature him in the other photo set I found. I like this one better because it gives more of a sense of him, plus he gets himself hard.

If I was his boyfriend -- and that virginal looking hole suggests he has no use for one -- I would encourage him to build up his pecs a bit more. He has great shoulders, a beautiful ass, nice cock, lean torso, but his pecs seem a bit small. That makes me think he might be a swimmer, as they tend not to be chesty sometimes.

As usual, these images are much larger than they appear here, so click here for a free folder with 27 large images of naked Alec.


  1. Chet07:45

    I agree. He's mesmerizing. It's his eyes maybe.

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Who among us would kick him out of bed to go look for someone more "chesty?"

  3. Anonymous14:52

    he is beautiful!! he looks like the actor steven pasquale..google him..thanks for posting!!

  4. Anonymous17:41

    Love his cock!


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