21 December 2013

Hot Latins

Here are three vids with the general theme of Latin men in search of pleasure. First up is a Brazilian clip that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but who cares when it's porn. It appears to be about two guards in a minimum security facility and some of the cum-crazed lads in their custody. Skip through the first portion with no sex because that's tedious.

Second are two lads who throw caution to the wind and fuck like bunnies. Both blokes are very easy on the eyes. And last up is what appears to be a dude recording himself while he wanks to some porn on his computer. He's a hot one and needs to get into professional porn. Maybe he's one of you, watching the porn linked here.

If you'd rather watch these on the Xvideos site, go here, here, and here.


  1. I love that South of the Border taste.

  2. Anonymous09:53

    What a fucking goldmine!!!!!



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