07 December 2013

Alec in Motion

I actually stumbled on this flick of Alec on Xvideos first, before finding the still photos featured earlier in the week. But I want to save this post for last because I think it shows him at his best.

Some lads look better in still photos as opposed to films, but Alec is not one of those. He looks a lot hotter here, in my opinion, than he does in the photo spreads. The video catches the way he moves and carries himself, which I found very alluring and sensual. His build is also better seen here and more impressive; he definitely looks like a swimmer.

Second up is a hot one I found by chance looking around on Xvideos yesterday. The cum kissing at the end is fantastic! If you'd rather watch on their site, click here and here for direct links.


  1. The bearded guy in the second clip is hot - who is he?

  2. Anonymous10:55

    The second one is very stimulating - one of the pleasures of life is a good long naked vigorous fuck with frequent changes of position - with jizz on the face as a happy ending. I love the smell of cum, musky and pungent.

  3. Bearded guy is Avi Dar


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