13 December 2013


This bloke is fantastic: hirsute, handsome, hung, uncut. Those nice plump balls suggest low hangers. He's also got attitude. I like that. He doesn't care if the whole world sees his meat.

Like many amateur blokes I post here, I have no idea who he is. I don't recognize him from porn land, but if he ever wants to get into that business, he could do well.

I like him so I violated my self-imposed rule about posting horizontal images. I'd love to see more pictures of him but haven't been able to find any. Click here to see a much larger version.


  1. Love that attitude in a guy

  2. Anonymous22:07

    His name is "Dom", and is a bartender in Toronto. Yes, he's even sexier in real life.

  3. Anonymous04:45

    This guy is hot. He's an amateur from Canada. Lots of photos on his website: http://abeardedboy.com


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