17 December 2013

Elysian Fields

This big strapping stud is Ron Fields, circa early 1980s. He was before my time, but before a disastrous fire destroyed my porn collection, I owned the magazine in which these photos appeared. I believe I bought it at a used book store in Los Angeles with a bunch of other vintage stroke mags for a dollar. I used to buy many of their vintage gay porn mags for sale.

I searched his name in various porn databases, and if he ever appeared in porn films, it doesn't seem to have been under the name of Ron Fields. I particularly like his thick, muscular chest and that forest of curly pubes. He would never be called a twink.

Most of these images are much larger, so please click here for a free folder of all pictures that appear below.


  1. Anonymous09:16

    He definitely has that early COLT look . . . a time before manscaping started to take hold. .hehe. . . but regardless, they were beefy muscle dudes back in the 80s and that is what attracted me to eventually get into doing some model work. . . and its funny. . during that time I met a lot of the guys that had done stuff prior to me and it was fun and exciting.. but I found that many of those hot guys didn't age well ... . or didn't make it out of the 80s ... which is sad.

  2. He is looking good in jeans! Woof! I remember him and he is hot! I would love to take care if his man size cock!


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