16 December 2013

Military Might

I don't know if all of these are amateur shots of military men, but I imagine at least most are. The lack of any piercings plus clean shaven faces, not to mention their cammies, suggests that they are.

Some of these appear to have been made in motel rooms. Did they shoot these waiting for some girl to show up? Or some lad? Others are clearly shot in military facilities. They might be the ones emailed home to their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Whenever I see military personnel waiting in an airport -- they are so easy to spot, their civvies notwithstanding -- I can't help but think of pictures like these. Strapping young lads pupped full of hormones and testosterone are very easy to undress with your eyes.

Of course, since some of these are phone images, they are not to best quality. To see a free online folder with all of these images, plus more than a dozen amateur military lads I didn't use, click here.


  1. Chet08:14

    1, 3, 4 can gang rape me any time they want.

  2. Anonymous11:29

    Similar thoughts to Chet but most of them do it for me- except for 2 and 5 who could make themselves useful by holding me down (I'd have to make a token struggle at first just to add to the fun).

  3. Anonymous20:26

    Number 7 is the UK stripper Kieran Hale Taylor, I think the picture is from his twitter feed.

  4. Anonymous09:21

    #3 --- fuck yeah!

  5. 5th one is my current boyfriend


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