17 March 2012

Married With Children

The top in this scene, Robert Van Damme, can be seen here lovingly and expertly sucking Marco Paris's uncut cock. He then rims Marco before fucking him, sucks his cock once more, and enjoys a mouthful of thick cum.

Robert is also married with several children, and his wife is very involved in his porn production business. I wonder if she ever gets jealous.


  1. Robert van Damme is a powerfully muscular stud who hails from the Czech Republic and who made his debut in 2004 thanks to legendary director Blue Blake. He's a real power top, an avowed exhibitionist, a keen fitness enthusiast and has a wonderfully thick uncut tool. He's also been married, has children and identifies as bisexual. However, he was arrested in 2010 and charged with domestic violence. He was born in 1969 and stands over 6ft tall. Robert went on to work with Falcon before signing as an exclusive with Hot House. Robert then set up his own website. He enjoys ice hockey, soccer and tennis and used to play hockey professionally.

    Marco Paris is a beefy stud with a big 9-inch uncut cock who's become one of the most prolific stars of the 2000s, working for the Falcon group and Hot House among many others. He's both topped and bottomed on film. He stands about 6ft tall, has brown hair and comes from Slovakia. He went to university in Bratislava, where he became keen on bodybuilding and where his porn career began. He enjoys photography, hiking and the mountains. In 2008, Marco started making bareback movies.

  2. Anonymous02:56

    really ...? I had no idea. Gotta admit that that fact makes him even more attractive to me!

  3. Anonymous09:31

    Thanks Stan for these vitals. I didn't know any of this. So Robert was arrested in 2010 on domestic violence. And the last line says, 'he enjoys ice hockey etc.' Does he STILL enjoy ice hockey or is it only in memory? (Is he still in jail?) - Montana Cowboy


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