26 March 2012

Of Dogs and Men

There's something very endearing about a man who's not afraid to look vulnerable by his kindness towards an animal.


  1. Anonymous09:16

    I don't quite understand your use of vulnerable and I think the words sensitive, protective, or caring are more suitable.

    Dogs are like little children in that they are generally defenceless and reliant on humans for structure to their daily lives. That means that men become protectors and helpers--much like fathers with their children.

    Dogs, by their vulnerability, bring out the protective nature of humans. They keep us humble and we need that to keep us grounded.

  2. The pics that touch me are the ones of soldiers with kittens...priceless!

  3. Anonymous03:26

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing!

  4. They're all wonderful, but the dogs in number 4 are VERY lucky. And the hottie with the puppy in the last pic ...


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