30 March 2012

The Dutiful Captive

This picture turned me on more than any image I've seen in quite a while. Most people would probably be terrified in his predicament, but he couldn't be happier.

I have the idea in my head his keeper left him alone for several hours like that, and he remained hard throughout, anticipating what might soon happen. When his keeper finally returned home, his captive would find release, but only after a long while and by working very dutifully for it to the point of exhaustion.


  1. Anonymous06:55

    Does anyone else have trouble getting all of the pictures to open? For me, it's a constant problem. It's not so bad when there is a series of photos. However, when, like today, there is only one and it won't open, it's quite frustrating.

    I never have a problem with a video.

  2. If that is your picture on the profile, I love to tie you up and see how rock hard your cock gets! Woof!

  3. Anon, I wonder if your IP is blocking my picture host site. And TJ, you don't even have to tie me up to get me hard.

  4. True, but I am talking about rock rock hard, not just hard! LOL!


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