14 March 2012

Out in the Open

I'm usually indifferent to tea room porn but this one is an exception. Yes, the top is very hot. Yes, the bottom is very noisy, but you can mute the video and play your own favorite sex music instead.


  1. Anonymous10:17

    This was indeed hot and you were correct in stating the bottom was just too noisy, I'd have stuffed his underwear in his mouth. I only wish the conveniences in any restroom I've ever been in my entire life...were as clean as the ones in this video! The top reminded me that maybe Steve Kelso has an Italian Cousin that was visiting from Europe? - Montana Cowboy

  2. Anonymous16:56

    Hot vid. . Who is the top guy and how do I locate this on Xvideos?

  3. Anonymous @4:56

    Click on the video frame. A new tab will open directly on the Xvideos page. The top is Jimmy Durano.

  4. Anonymous02:25

    I wouldn't mind bottoming for this hot top!!! True, there's some Kelso in him.

  5. Anonymous05:37

    So hot!

  6. i like em noisy! great vid!

  7. i like em noisy too...


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