10 October 2016

Professor Hottie

Today's post is G-rated, but the eye candy can be the subject of anyone's X-rated fantasies. Whilst searching for an unrelated video, I learned about Professor Leonard, a handsome bloke with a very nice upper body and bulging biceps who favors snug T-shirts and sport shirts while giving lively lectures on YouTube about maths.

He has uploaded hundreds of hours of mathematics classes on his YouTube page, which can be found by clicking here.

Apparently the professor has a huge following, and people swear that his videos have helped them pass various college level maths exams with flying colors. Those of you who are students might want to check them out for the actual content as well as the sightseeing factor.

Alas, the professor is happily married with kiddies, but that never stopped me from fantasizing when I had a class with a hot stud instructor. I know if I was a student, I would faithfully attend his classes so that I could lust after his earnest studliness. I would also make sure to seek after-class assistance, and hopefully he could show me all the right angles.

I only had to take one maths class in college, which was taught by a grandmotherly woman who was nearly deaf and shouted out her lectures. I did, however, have a very hot stud of a sociology professor and, with time, took every class he offered.

He had been some kind of surfing champion and was tall and broad-shouldered, with curly blond hair and striking blue eyes. He had the sweetest disposition and was a very eager instructor, but sadly he was only interested in bedding coeds, something I understood he did quite frequently.

If you want to see or save the professor's picture below in its full-size original, you can find that here.


  1. Anonymous06:11

    Todos algunas estuvimos enamorados de un profesor,Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Never quite understood Calculus. In my high school Calculus class I once made an 11 on an exam. If I had someone that distracting teaching the class I would have done even worse.


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