03 February 2021

Breakfast of Champions

This is a good example of how you can produce quality self-made porn with two phones that shoot higher res output. They have one phone on the floor and another at a perpendicular angle to the action. Midway through, they reposition a phone and continue to shoot stationary, then the top picks up a phone and shoots hand-held. Some time after they finished, one of them did some basic editing on a laptop and they had a porn scene they could sell.

Of course, it's essential performers have above-average sexual appeal. And the sex itself has to be better than just average, too. Other than the price of phones, which they would have anyway, this scene cost nothing to make. Both performers are active on the subscriber-based fan sites, where the top few percent of lads earn five figures a month for filming themselves sucking and fucking. That's not a bad way to make a living

To watch on the source webpage or to download your own free copy of this scene to keep, click here.

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