18 November 2009

Legendary Perfection

I've featured stills of Matt Davis before (here, here, and here). In this video, he worships his magnificent body; it's one of my favorite clips. I just wish he did a whole lot more of this kind of thing in front of a camera.


  1. Anonymous12:30

    Body of perfection, just flawless...

    But damn, is he a robot or a human being? He seems bored out of his mind, almost to the point of being comatose at times. No passion, no emotion whatsoever, even when he finally cums.

    Either he's on waaay too much valium, or he's straight. :)

    However thanks for posting it...

  2. completely awesome

  3. Matt aka Von Legend is one of the hottest, sexiest, manliest men I can think of!!!

    I just wish that the video he did for Muscle-Worship would have featured full frontal as well.

    I can't get enough of this man! He's just so, so sexy! The masculinity he exudes is breathtaking!

    Red-Hot-Chilli (from Macho-Addiction)

  4. He is VERY HOT! YUMMY!!

  5. Anonymous07:41

    Unlike a previous poster, I think it is really sexy that when Matt gets ready to cum he's stroking nice and easy with a relaxed (not detached) look on his face unlike some much less attractive men we've seen here and on other blogs, who are grimmacing like they're trying to shit a watermellon and pumping madly to get just a few drops our of their equally large dicks. This is a beautiful man and I'd love to hear his soft southern drawl. I wish I could buy him and keep him around as a friend for the rest of my life.

  6. Anonymous10:54

    need to watch him fuck zeb atlas....now that would be awesome.....


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