24 November 2009

Masculine Metamorphosis

I usually find the Freshman models a bit twinky for my taste, but Trent here caught my eye. He's at that fascinating age when youths begin to metamorphize into men. I'm always fascinated by this process.

I'll run into a young lad I haven't seen in a year or two, and I'll notice right away he's more masculine, his body has filled out in the right places, more chest hair peeps through his shirt, his jaw has more powerful set, his beard is heavier. The mannerisms are less boyish, the voice a notch lower, the confidence stronger.

Trent's hot now, but give him four or five years. He'll be all-man then. Until then, that hole looks pretty inviting no matter what.


  1. I agree...this man boy will be hot in a few years. Love the dusting of chest hair.

  2. Anonymous20:02

    Holy shit this is one hot guy! I love all stages of men--but the one you described is one of my favorites.

  3. Anonymous15:48

    What a sexy fuck ! His ink is flagging top but I just wanna fuck him silly !


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