14 April 2016

Rockin' With Rocco

The top here, of course, is the fantastic Landon Conrad. The bottom is Rocco Reed, who worked regularly in both straight and gay porn, in the latter both as a top and a bottom, until his recent retirement.

Reed stated in interviews and his retirement announcement that he was strictly gay for pay. Color me skeptical. It's not like he couldn't get straight work any longer, and I suspect he enjoyed walking on the wild side.

The originals for these photos are massive and total nearly two hundred images in two sets featuring Rocco, both as a top and a bottom. If you'd like to download the entire collection in a free zipped folder, you'll need to click here.

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  1. Anonymous07:26

    Me parece muy poco inteligente del sr Rocco darse cuenta de esto tan tarde. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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