22 May 2016

In the Mood for Self Love

Here are three big hot studs who very capably demonstrate you can make passionate love even if you're alone. First up is ripped Tye Cezaro, whose mind wanders whilst he stacks boxes, and that causes him to stop for a masturbation break.

He's followed by musclestud Kurt Rogers, who gets himself so excited wanking he has to blow the cameraman at the end of his scene. Kurt has been featured several times before here on the blog in both still images and video clips.

They're followed by big monster Rico Elbaz who clearly needs to buy a new pair of shorty shorts and who gets very turned on humping his duvet. Rico is straight and only does solo stroke videos like these.

If you'd rather watch these scenes on the source webpages or to download your own free copies to keep, click here for Tye Cezaro's warehouse wank, here for Kurt Rogers' solo and cameraman blowjob, and here for Rico Elbaz and his problematic shorts.


  1. Anonymous05:19

    Solos pero no aburridos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous08:44

    He really does need a pair of new shorts...i hope in time he managed to get a pair. Maybe we could get a fund-raiser together and help the poor guy out. A 'Shorts-Aid' appeal...

  3. Anonymous14:42

    God, Kurt is sooo beautiful -a super hot scene, too.
    I'm full of admiration for you viewing so many hot men to pick out the cream of the crop for us - such a hard job!


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