31 May 2016

Ink Man

I know some of you lads will run for the exits when you see all the tats on the one bloke here, but I found this photoset very erotic. The bigger lad, Cameron, has only done two porn scenes to date, this one and another where he topped a lad.

The little pup, Levi, looks like he's falling in love with Ink Man. Maybe he used to jerk off to fantasies of Wentworth Miller as his cellmate and now his dream has come to life.

The watermarked originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total forty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous08:44

    Tattoos are OK if they're few and far between. Why do otherwise incredibly hot guys deface their bodies with tats?

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Couldn't agree more, Anonymous.


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