18 July 2016


This lad has the perfect mix of an innocent face and a body made for sin, my favorite combination. As you can see, he's very nicely put together and has a long, uncut cock.

He's Slovakian but nonetheless has been given a very Anglo-Saxon name in porn for whatever reason. I've seen him in ten or twelve porn scenes so far, and he's either been solo or bottomed in all of them. It would be nice to see him top with that great cock once in a while.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a large collection featuring more than twelve hundred photos of Bradley in six different photo shoots, some alone, some tied up, and some where he's fucked. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you should click here.


  1. Anonymous07:26

    Magnifico niƱo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Nice body but the face is too boyish for me.

  3. Chet11:50

    Thanks for these sets. He's a winner. He's topped a few times. He topped Jaro Vykvet in a scene from Badpuppy and Rosta Benecky in another scene from Badpuppy. He also topped Tomas Decastro in a scene from Str8hell.

  4. Anonymous13:07

    Damn he is GORGEOUS!!! MORE Please! I'd love to get the Vilem Helen sets


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