13 July 2016

Jon Vincent

Jon Vincent was a major pornstar during his fifteen-year career from 1985 to 2000. That ended suddenly when he died from a heroin overdose at the age of 37.

He was not without controversy before his untimely death. He was known to be strident and opinionated at times and lived a wild life offscreen. Onscreen he was known as a verbal dominant top who really put bottoms through their paces.

Nobody talked dirty quite like Vincent. If you'd like to learn more about him, click here for an article by a man who made a documentary on the star and click here for a piece about Vincent's career highlights.

The two scenes below show Vincent toward the beginning and then later in his career. In the first, he tops Kevin Williams. In the second, an older Vincent throat fucks and then buggers an eager twink.

If you would rather watch these on the source webpages or to download free copies to keep, you should click here for the younger Vincent in action and here for the older one.


  1. Anonymous06:05

    How can I properly express my deep respect and love for the late great Jon Vincent? Without a doubt he was the ultimate he-man of gay porn. I don't know if there will ever be a more macho masculine man to be worthy of wearing his crown. While I'm usually very wary of labeling people's sexuality, in Jon's case I have to say when he was on camera fucking a guy he was completely in the moment and completely gay. Then beyond that he was the greatest performance artist of talking dirty in history. I truly mourn his loss as he really impacted the lives of everyone who ever watched his performances!

  2. Anonymous07:02

    Dichosos los que tuvieron el placer de conocerlo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous16:58

    I knew John, real name Jeff, when I lived in LA up the street from him in the 90s. John was actually married with a little girl. Id say, if anything, he was bi, except I really think he enjoyed guys much more than he would let you believe. At best he seemed to try and pull off that 'Im a str8 stud but youre not' type of attitude. Which always made me laugh inside a little when we would bump into one another. He was always walking his big Rotwiler dog up the sidewalk and Id yell down to him from my 2nd story balcony facing the street in Hollywood. I really liked Jeff, AKA John. I liked his attitude. I think, deep down he really liked me much more than he let on. I only wish he would have let on a bit more and would have been more open with me and let me be more of a friend to him. Last time I saw Jeff I had parked my car in front of a business in LA and out of the car in front of me popped Jeff. He was driving some rich mans car and they both got out. He didnt notice me behind him. He looked bad. I knew he had a drinking and drug problem but I had not idea it was as bad as it obviously was. I only WISH at the moment it would have clicked with me and I would have at least TRIED to talk to him about it. Seems by the time one finds out about someone else's problems its always too late. Unfortunately. RIP Jeff.

    1. Anonymous07:37

      Wow you're a very lucky man to have actually known Jeff! We all have that natural presumption that all our friends are always going to be alright. Unfortunately that's not true. Jeff had a very positive impact on the world, in that there are innumerable men who took comfort in his intense masculinity. I hope he knew that!

  4. Anonymous06:51

    By the way, does anyone know whatever happened to Joe Vincent's son? The kid must be pretty hot by now!


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