23 May 2015

Berlin Fest

I've located three videos of megahung Steffen Berlin who was featured here recently in still photos. The first one is more artsy than porn with Steffen wandering along the surf and playing with his cock.

The second is the best of the lot. Steffen beats his meat in what I've always thought is the best place for self pleasure: your own bed. He finishes with a great cumshot shooting his cum high in the air like a volcano.

The third features him fucking a woman. I'll provide the link with the warning that it does feature a naked woman and all her female accessories. If the sight of tits and/or pussy disgusts you, DO NOT click the link. But if you like straight porn, you'll find that video here. (The hetero video is not featured on the two play-and-watch screens below.)

If you'd like to watch the solo jerkoff scenes on the source webpage or to download your own free copies, click here for the seaside wank and here for the bedroom volcano.


  1. Anonymous04:48

    Excelente hombre.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Steffen is kinda perfect!


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