01 May 2015


No, this is not a post about Jack Bauer. The pictures below are outtakes from a forthcoming porn flick that will feature twenty-four lads sucking and fucking in an orgy.

Well that has to be fun. But in reality, I imagine most orgies of that size only occur in porn land. Here in reality, it's not so likely to happen.

I have heard rumors about very wealthy gay men in New York and Los Angeles who have huge orgies. I wonder if those events are really three or four old farts and a whole lot of paid escorts.

Still, it would be nice to be on that guest list. I'll bet the place stinks like cum when it's all over, not like that's a bad thing.

There are sixteen photos in this set, which are archived here (mirror here) for your inspection and saving.


  1. Anonymous06:55

    Un bacanal.amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous10:04

    I'd prefer a movie with 24 men.

  3. Anonymous10:51

    There actually are big sex parties held here and there .... Use to be a really great one in Miami Beach called Miami Beach Hardbodies Party. You had to be given the OK to even come to it when you went to pay your $20. If you didn't have a fit body you were told NO. Went to a few HOT parties there BUT then again still nothing like these 'controlled' video parties you see here .. . I always wonder WHERE do they find so many really young 20 something guys that all look similar that are all willing to fuck one another?? I mean, do they just post an ad somewhere or what?

  4. Anonymous11:27

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your preferences) all hairless twinks.


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