07 May 2015

Oral Adventure

These are stills from a hot scene I've been searching for but have not yet found on the various online pornvid sites. Three thickly endowed lads -- Angel Rock, Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan -- take a shower together and that makes them hard and horny.

They end up kissing, stroking, and sucking but there's no fucking. That may sound anti-climactic (no pun intended), but it's incredibly hot and erotic. They're just so mesmerized by each other's fat, rigid cocks.

A whole lot of possible scenarios run through my head about this. They could be three straight lads who are a little drunk and end up showering together because they're short on time for a night out trawling pussy.

Things take a sudden left turn in the shower, however, when the lads all become hard whilst they think about chasing trim, and then they realize they're more turned on by the sight of each other's cocks than the idea of landing snapper.

Next thing they know, they're kissing and touching and stroking each other, and soon the most adventurous of them starts sucking on another lad's cock. After all, a man always knows better how it feels to get sucked, so why not put that knowledge to good use on a mate?

They're drunk enough that they throw caution to the wind and keep going until they've each drained their balls of several thick loads of cum. But they're still too timid and straight to start fucking each other senseless. "It's not like we're gay or anything," one of them says while the others nod in agreement as they swap a kiss made sticky with cum.

It will take a few more drunken nights and group showers to cross that threshold.

The originals for this set are much larger than they appear below and total fifteen in number. To view the set online, please click here (mirror here) and to download the whole batch without charge, click here.


  1. Anonymous07:21

    Una fantasia.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Gods, indeed! Real men. Love 'em!!! :D

  3. Anonymous11:42

    Beautiful cocks and beautiful cocksuckers!


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